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When you have a question, searching for an answer in a book or on the Internet can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you cannot find the answer!

We have assembled a team of professional calligraphers ready to answer your questions and share their expertise with you.

This service is free of charge and will hopefully help you in progressing your calligraphy skills.

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Here are a few guidelines on how to use this service:

  1. Fill in the form below, entering your name, subject title and email address.
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Please Note:

  • Only specific questions will be answered. This service is not designed to answer questions like “How do you write italics”.
  • Only ask one question at a time, or at most two connected questions. A list of unrelated questions will not be submitted to the expert.
  • Questions on the specific details of commercial calligraphy (such as hourly rates) will not be answered.
  • Some questions and answers may be published in our calligraphy resources section. The details of the person who posts the the question will remain anonymous and Scribblers will never pass on any personal details to a third party.

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