Ann-Sofie Svedström


Blekinge, Sweden

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Industry Experience: 30 years

Lettering Styles

Foundational Hand Gothic Italics Uncials

Commission Types

Cards Celebrations Certificates Illumination Poetry Quote Scrolls

Standard Prices £25 p/h

About me

About me:

I discovered calligraphy when I had children about 30 years ago. Newly retired retiree, I intend to give my big hobby full time as professional. I think words and pictures in combination make calligraphy bigger. That’s why traditional calligraphy is my best area.
I live in Southeast Sweden close to the archipelago and it’s  an environment that really inspires


I have several courses and workshops in my bag with experience, as well as several smaller exhibitions.
I undertake to make Wedding Invitations, Monograms, Poetry, Proverb / Quote, Diploma, Monogram, Illumination / Captive, Calligraphy Teaching and Workshops.

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