Nicolas Bordes


Poitiers, France

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Industry Experience: 1 year

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About me:

I’m a French left handed calligrapher. I’ve been doing calligraphy for one year and a half. I like to work with a wide variety of tools and experiment differents techniques and textures. For me calligraphy is a true way of expression rather than a simple repetition of forms. I prefer breaking the patterns and play with them.

So far the tool I like the most is the brush. I enjoy it’s softness and it’s flexibility as well as the range of strokes it can create. As a lefty it also allows me to keep my paper straight since I don’t have to deal with any pen angle restriction as I would have with a traditional nib. And, best of all, you can bring the brush in any kind of surface that you want. Working on walls is great fun and make you put your whole body in movement.


So far my community is restricted since it’s been less than 2 years. I’ve done a few commissioned work like tattoos and logo design and attempted several workshops in which I had the chance to be teaching calligraphy. My mentor, Jane Sullivan, allows me today to share my experience and knowledge with her students. Lately, I was in Ajdovščina, Slovenia, with the beautiful Loredana Zega, and I’ve learned quite a lot of things regarding brush sensibly as well as planning sketches for compositions.

My atelier is located in an artist collective so I got involved in a few residencies, exhibitions and events all around Poitiers, the city in which I’m working. This collective experience greatly speeded up my level by providing me the opportunity to experiment different tools, techniques, and surfaces. I’m always willing to move and share my experience since I believe it’s the best way to expand our own field of view.

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