Victoria Daws

Modern Calligrapher & Signwriter

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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Industry Experience: 2 years

Lettering Styles

Modern Calligraphy

Standard Prices £40 p/h

About me

About me:

Hello I’m Vicky and I’m a calligrapher and sign writer based in Melton Mowbray. My love for Modern Calligraphy started when I wanted to better my own handwriting for my Wedding back in 2017. After we were married I thought it might be fun to upload some photos onto Facebook and offer my writing services to others. I was amazed to get a job for a local company to write their menu boards. It took FOREVER but I learnt so much from that job & each one I’ve done since. I tend to say ‘yes’ & then worry about how to do it later! It’s been so fun to be asked to write for so many different projects for both personal & business clients. My favourite projects involve writing table plans or signage on mirrors and also writing with metallic paints. I’m also learning lots of traditional styles too as part of the Leicestershire Calligraphers group.

This year I’m going to be running more teaching workshops, doing some live Calligraphy events on behalf of The Modern Calligraphy Co & hopefully bringing out my own line of greetings cards. If there is a big enough surface, I love the challenge of writing something on it & making it personal! Thank you so much for reading, Vicky


* Work for The Modern Calligraphy Co

  • Molton Brown live calligraphy Dec 2019

* Church book of remembrance, St. Mary’s Melton Mowbray

* Signwriter for various pubs in Leicestershire:

  • Anne of Cleves, Melton Mowbray
  • The Old Black Horse, Houghton
  • Stag and Hounds, Burrough Hill
  • Star Inn, Thrussington

* Artist of the week on Creative Leicestershire, Jan 2020

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