Learn Copperplate Minuscules

Copperplate Minuscules – Basic Strokes

The majority of Copperplate minuscules are constructed from a combination of one or more basic strokes. For some letters the basic strokes have to be slightly modified. By studying and mastering these basic strokes, the minuscule letters can be produced by combining and sometimes modifying a combination of these basic shapes

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (Part 1)

After studying and practising the eight basic strokes, we are ready to start learning the Copperplate Minuscule letters. Many of the letters require the basic strokes to be slightly modified, which in most cases means producing only part of the basic stroke.

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (Part 2)

Before continuing with the Copperplate Minuscules you need to know how to produce a filled-in dot. This filled-in dot or loop shape appears in several letters. The nib is moved in an anti-clockwise direction. As it approaches the top and starts to move down the paper, pressure is applied to complete it.

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (Part 3)

So far, all the Copperplate minuscules we have studied were based on a combination of the 8 basic strokes although in most cases these strokes had to be modified. The remaining seven letters are different and the basic strokes are not used much.