Learn Roman Capitals

Why learn Roman Capitals first?

“Nearly every type of letter which we are familiar with is derived from the Roman Capitals” Edward Johnston. Therefore to study Roman Capitals first will help us later on to learn other styles of lettering.

Roman Capitals – Proportions

We could just pick up a calligraphy pen and start, but this will not produce such good lettering as taking our time and learning the proportions of the Roman Capital letters.

Roman Capitals – Order and Directions

Once the proportions of the Roman Capitals have been studied, the next step is to start writing the letters. Each letter is constructed rather than written. The letters are made up from a combination of pen strokes produced in a certain order and direction.

Roman Capitals – Letter and Word Spacing

Whilst the letters are very important, bad letter and word spacing will distract from the lettering. Letter and word spacing can make or break a piece of work.It is advisable to spend much time learning the correct spacing for the style of writing.

Roman Capitals – Serifs

Serifs are small strokes added to letters to ‘finish’ the letter. They can enhance the letters, but if produced badly will spoil the letter rather than ‘finishing it’.