Copperplate Minuscules


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After 1600 demand increased for speedy writing for commercial purposes. A running cursive derived from Italic was developed, referred to as ’roundhand’. The development of running cursive into Copperplate was brought about through the influence of many penmen. The engraver’s tool could better reproduce writing made with a pointed rather than an edged pen. From this engraving method the ’roundhand’ became termed ‘copperplate’. The Copperplate Minuscules course will teach you how to write the lower-case (minuscule) letters. You will start with learning the letterforms and pressure and release technique in pencil, followed by 3 lessons using the pen. With the pen you start with the basic letter strokes learning how to control the pointed nib. You will then combine these strokes to build up the letters of the alphabet. The letters of the alphabet are studied in groups based upon their characteristics.