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Pearl Ex is a metallic/pearlescent, archival mica pigment.

How to mix Pearl Ex

Watch this excellent YouTube How to Mix Pearl Ex Pigments video by Joi at

How to make metallic calligraphy ink using Pearl Ex Pigments and powdered Gum Arabic.

  1. Mix 4 parts of Pearl Ex pigment and 1-part Gum Arabic. Add water slowly and stir to an ink-like consistency.
  2. Stir until evenly mixed.

Example Recipe:
1 teaspoon Pearl Ex pigment
1/4 teaspoon Gum Arabic (white powder)
1 teaspoon water

Ink with thinner consistency will lie flat on the paper when dry. Thicker consistencies will stand up and have a raised texture on the paper when dry.

Short list of nibs that work well with Pearl Ex:

  • Nikko G
  • Zebra G
  • Hunt 22B and Hunt 101
  • Brause 361 and Rose
  • Leonardt DPG, DP30, Crown and Principal EF

12 x 3g jars of Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment with the following colours:

650 micropearl
650 Micropearl

652 macropearl
652 Macropearl

654 Super Russet

655 supercopper
655 Super Copper

656 brilliantgold
656 Brilliant Gold

657 sparklegold
657 Sparkle Gold

663 Silver

664 superbronze
664 Super Bronze

665 sunsetgold
665 Sunset Gold

673 interferviolet
673 Interference Violet

674 interfergold
674 Interference Gold

680 duo redblue_light-drk
680 Duo Red-Blue