Calligraphy Correspondence Lessons

Nowadays there are fewer classes in calligraphy. Not so long a go there would be a good chance that a school or college local to you offered Adult Ed calligraphy classes. But with changes in funding, calligraphy classes are fewer.We now offer a range of calligraphy correspondence lessons in association with Gaynor Goffe who is a professional calligrapher and has taught calligraphy for almost 30 years.All courses have been written by Gaynor and can be taken in any order. Each 4 lesson course allows you study a different style of lettering at your own pace.Marking by Gaynor is detailed, with individual guidance and corrections demonstrated and a prompt return of work.Nine courses are available:

  • Foundational Hand
  • Roman Capitals
  • Italics
  • Italic Capitals
  • Versals
  • Sharpened Italic and Variations
  • Cursive Italic Variations
  • Flourish Design
  • Uncial and Variations

Calligraphy Lessons

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