Calligraphy in 24, 1 Hour Lessons

What a great title for a book!
Can you really learn the ancient art of calligraphy in just 24 hours?  This is a great book which ‘chunks down’ learning calligraphy into smaller manageable amounts.

Calligraphy in 24 1hr lessons

Just get started on the first of the 24 one-hour lessons contained in this book, follow the suggestions for practicing your new skills at the end of one lesson before going on to the next, and then continue this process right through to the end. Calligraphy in 24 Hours is a carefully structured beginner’s course where readers will quickly learn the basic principles and then go on to learn beautiful calligraphy in a series of 24 one-hour tutorials.

Veiko Kespersaks is a professional calligrapher and seasoned teacher.

Calligraphy in 24, 1 Hour Lessons

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