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Copperplate Minuscules – Basic Stroke Tips

When writing Copperplate, there is a lot to think about! Copperplate requires the additional skill of applying and releasing pressure on the nib whilst producing the correct shapes and proportions. Applying pressure on the nib When producing the basic full pressure stroke, pressure is applied before starting the stroke and not released until the line …

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Copperplate Minuscules – The Basic Strokes

Letter Proportion The proportions of the minuscule letters and the angle of slope are the two essential visual components of Copperplate minuscule. Copperplate has a standard relationship between the ascender, x-height and descender parts of the minuscule letters.  In general the relationship is expressed as 3:2:3 (ascender = 3, x-height = 2, descender = 3). …

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Numbers follow the characteristics of the main script. So, they should be sloped and based on an oval shape when written with Italics and round in shape and upright when written with Roman Capitals. Numbers can be either ranged or non-ranged. Ranged numbers are typically used with Capital letters where there are no ascenders and …

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What is Copperplate Writing?

For many years the hand which we know today as ‘Copperplate’ was called ‘Roundhand’. Unfortunately that name is now sometimes used by calligraphers as an alternative for the ‘Foundational Hand’ first developed and popularised by Edward Johnston.It is called Copperplate as in the early days the scribe’s writing was transferred by an engraver, using a …

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Starting Calligraphy – Penholders for Copperplate

The choice of penholder for Copperplate style of writing depends upon the nib you are using and whether you are left or right-handed. The majority of calligraphers use a straight nib, for example the Leonardt Principal EF or a Gillott 303 nib.  If you are using a straight nib and are right-handed you want to …

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Calligraphy Courses Feedback

The following are some comments I have recently received on the calligraphy correspondence courses from participants….’I recommend anyone with an interest in calligraphy to try your courses which are interesting, enjoyable and inspiring – great value both for beginners and improvers’.Dorothy B, Blackpool, UK ‘Thanks to Scribblers’ correspondence calligraphy courses with Gaynor Goffe I have …

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