Kolner Miniatum Yellow

Kolner Miniatum YellowAs well as the two types of Miniatum we already stock, there is a third type we have added. The Kolner Miniatum Yellow is exactly the same as the Kolner Miniatum – except it is yellow! Adding the yellow has made it easier to see the Miniatum on the white paper.

Gilders Mops

Gilders Mops are used for brushing up skewings (loose pieces of leaf). The loose gold can be swept onto a sheet of paper and then tipped in to a plastic pot. They are also used for applying gelatine size when glass gilding and burnishing leaf or metallic powder, when gilding relief surfaces/dusting on metallic powder …

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Kolner Miniatum Ink

Here are some notes and guidelines from the manufacturer of Kolner Miniatum Ink: Kolner Miniatum Ink has been designed as a supplement to Kolner Miniatum. Finest lines can be made with a variety of drawing instruments laid with gold or silver leaf. In combination with Kolner Miniatum nearly all calligraphy works are possible. The metal …

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Kolner Miniatum

Here are some notes and guidelines from the manufacturer of Kolner Miniatum: Kolner Miniatum is a size for mirror gloss gilding on paper and flexible surfaces. It can provide a mirror like finish without burnishing with an agate burnisher. Genuine gold and silver leaf will achieve the highest degree of luster. Kolner Miniatum is ideal …

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