Choosing a Range of Paint Colours

Which paint colours to choose can be quite daunting -so many colours are available. But you do not need to buy them all!All colours can be mixed from the 3 primary colours; red, blue and yellow. However, mixing a yellow and blue together may not always give you a vibrant green, if the colours being mixed are not pure and contain a small amount of another primary colour, it may differ the tone. For instance a yellow which contains a small amount of blue pigment would result in a greener tone. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the exact desired colour.You will be able to achieve a much wider range of colours by mixing secondary colours e.g. purple, green and orange together rather than just the primary pigments. Therefore buying 6 colours of paint rather than just the 3 primary colours, will enable you to mix any colour you want.

The 6 colours are:Ultramarine (blue-red) Paris Blue (blue-yellow)Lemon Yellow (yellow-blue) Cadmium Yellow (yellow-red)Vermilion / Cadium Red (red-yellow) Madder Red / Alizarin (red-blue)

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