How to Clean Brushes

It is important to take care of calligraphy and illustrating equipment. Brushes can last a very long time if they are of a high quality and are cared for properly. If neglected, brushes quickly lose their shape.The most common cause of a brush no longer pointing is the build-up of paint particles in the base of the brush and ferrule. A build-up of pigment pushes the hairs apart and prevents the point from forming.

Cleaning BrushesAlways clean brushes immediately after use and before they have the chance to dry out.Wipe the excess paint off a brush with a lint-free rag.Then rinse the brush under running water. Brushes can be cleaned with cool water and mild soap. Gently swirl the soapy brush in the palm of your hand. Now rinse the brush. With a larger size brush you can very gently rub the brush with your finger and thumb to help rinse the bristles.Repeat washing and rinsing the brush until the soap and water run clear. Make sure that the base of the brush head is clean. Some pigments may stain the hairs slightly, but this will not affect the performance or the life of the brush.Finally, gently reshape the head and dry the handle and ferrule and stand head up to allow the hair to dry.

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  1. Wow! Ask (on Facebook) and you shall receive! Thank you for this article. I’ve only just really started painting with gouache and I didn’t know how vigorous I should really clean the bristles of my brushes. Glad to know I am doing it properly!

  2. I would recommend cleaning the brushes against the side of the sink or some inanimate surface as cadmiums could poison you through the skin, in some pigments, though exposed to them for a very short time. Do you really want to take the chance?

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