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The follow posts have been taken from the old (pre Facebook) Scribblers Community. You may find them useful if you are new to Copperplate.

I’m left handed and want to learn copperplate, will I need left handed nibs or is it immaterial with pointed nibs? This might sound stupid, but I’m only at the “get a dip pen” stage. Martin

No, pointed nibs are all good for left- and righthanded writing.  Nonetheless you will need to experiment and find a different way of writing; since while holding the pen in the left hand, it is leaning to the opposite direction than in the right hand. Don’t let this discourage you, I’m lefthanded too, and I don’t find it particularly difficult For example, turn the paper around to fit the strokes. I usually turn the paper 180 degrees, and letter upside-down, that way my hand is before the letters, not behind them. It’s not too difficult to see your letters upside-down. Gabor

Copperplate is actually EASIER for left-handers than right handers in as much , as you DON’T have to turn the paper at all, just keep writing lines horizontal as usual, and ensure pen holder is aligned in direction of the slope lines ( ie 54 degrees from the horizontal) so nib is in alignment with the slope lines too). Brause EF66 are excellent nibs for copperplate. Gaynor

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  1. I’m left handed calligrapher as well and I found it very difficult in the beginning. My writings were bleeding a lot and my nibs were not able to hold the ink. I wasn’t able to achieve my goals which was very frustrating for me. Then I turned my paper 180° and god that was what I was looking for. I highly recommend you to give it a go. Good luck

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