Copperplate Minuscule Letters (part 2)

Before continuing with the Copperplate Minuscules you need to know how to produce a filled-in dot.  This filled-in dot or loop shape appears in several letters.  The nib is moved in an anti-clockwise direction.  As it approaches the top and starts to move down the paper, pressure is applied to complete it.

filled loop or dot


Letter: b

Letter b starts with a lead-in stroke followed by a descender stroke, which at the x-height turns into a pressure and release u shape stroke.  As the nib reaches the x-height you need to add a filled-dot.

Letter b

Letter: o

The letter o is simply an o form stroke, with a filled-dot.

Letter o

Letter: v

Start the letter v with a modified pressure and release combination stroke followed by a filled-dot.

Letter v

Letter: w

There are four parts to the letter w.  Start with a modified lead-in stroke, followed by two modified pressure and release u shape strokes.  Add a filled-dot to complete the letter.

Letter w

Letter: c

The letter c is completed in one stroke based upon the o form stroke.  There are a couple of modifications; the letter starts with a dot created by a small round shape whilst applying pressure to the nib.  As you come round the bottom of the oval you open out the shape a little so it can lead into the next letter.


Letter c

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