Encyclopedia of Calligraphy and Illum.

The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy and Illumination is written by Janet Mehigan and Mary Noble, two very experienced calligraphers.The book is split in to 5 parts;Part 1 covers all the materials and equipment you will need for both calligraphy and illumination. There is also a nice section explaining good preparation, like how to prepare a new nib and avoiding ink spillages!Part 2 deals with basic penmanship; describing the characteristics of a range of lettering styles, tips on accurate ruling-up, mixing colours and layout principles.Part 3 explains in detail how to produce letters in many different styles including; Foundational Hand, Roman Capitals, Uncials, Carolingian, Gothic, Italics, Flourished Italics and Versals.Part 4 is Illumination. A wide range of topics are covered including designing illuminated letters and using and apply gold leaf. Both flat and raised gilding techniques are covered in depth. Many styles of Illumination are covered including Celtic, Romanesque, Renaissance and Modern.Finally Part 5 is the gallery section where a wide range of calligraphy works (formal, informal and gilding) are displayed. They will inspire you – feast your eyes!Scribblers Calligraphy Booksteach-yourself-calligraphy1.jpg

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