Ideas for Christmas Cards

Stuck for ideas for making Christmas cards?

Perhaps you’d like to create a batch of hand made cards, but you don’t want it to become a chore.

Choose just one of your calligraphy tools – one edged pen, a brush or (as here) a pointed pen.
Working just in black and white, cover a piece of paper in the celebratory words you’ve chosen.

Don’t fret about ruling lines – if you feel more comfortable with lines maybe hand draw a few pencil lines.
Each time you write it, try and make it different, and fill the page.
Relax and enjoy it – of course not all the versions of the words are going to be great, but you’ll definitely exercise your creativity, and there will be some that you like.
Ideas 1

Think you’re running out of ideas? Challenge yourself to think of 5 more – you can do it!

Ideas 2

Choose one or more that you like, and make (or buy) some cards of the size you’d like (thinking about standard envelope sizes).

Now you’re in the flow, write those festive words onto the cards. And keep varying things if you’d like to – you’re not a machine and this should be fun!

You might decide no decoration is needed or you might choose to do your lettering in a colour.


Plain card with message

If you fancy some decoration, try a blushful of watercolour or a Christmas stamp.

Finished card 1

Finished card 2


Jobs for Christmas can be stressful – try and make sure that creating your handmade cards isn’t one of them. Remember you’re not making a submission for a calligraphy exam: if you have convinced yourself that someone might judge.


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  1. Love your website. I am new to calligraphy and find it relaxing and very addictive. Lots to learn, but I am keen to learn more.

  2. I have just started calligraphy and find these articles very useful.

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