Iron Gall Ink

As iron gall ink is chemically based rather than pigment based, its characteristics generally differ from other calligraphic inks. The darkening process to a warm black as the ink oxidises on the page is a natural phenomenon. It equally produces for the penman the most incredibly fine hairlines unsurpassed by virtually any other type of ink.Iron gall ink is also indelible, a major reason why it was made and used extensively throughout history. It was the most important ink during the whole of the Middle Ages, used in medieval manuscripts and by such famous artists as Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt. Vincent Van Gogh also used it for many of his pen and ink drawings. It was the traditional ink used by master penmen during the American Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship (circa 1850 – 1930) and was an essential medium in the copy print process invented by James Watt of steam engine fame.Iron gall ink is now enjoying something of a calligraphic revival, but recipes can vary considerably.Iron Gall Ink at Scribblers

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