Kolner Miniatum Ink

Here are some notes and guidelines from the manufacturer of Kolner Miniatum Ink:

Kolner Miniatum Ink has been designed as a supplement to Kolner Miniatum. Finest lines can be made with a variety of drawing instruments laid with gold or silver leaf. In combination with Kolner Miniatum nearly all calligraphy works are possible. The metal shine is mirror like after burnishing with cotton wool. The gilding work has permanent adhesion on the elastic film. Breaking or flaking on paper surfaces are not to be expected.Kolner Miniatum Ink can be used as delivered with nibs, artist brushes and fountain pens.Nibs and brushes need to be thoroughly cleaned after use with clean water.Smooth surface papers are best and normally a single application is sufficient. Only on more absorbent papers a second or third application would be necessary. Drying time depends on thickness of application and absorbency of surface. The average application dries in less than half an hour. The open time for gilding with patent leaf (gold or silver- not composition leaf) is about 3 hours after film formation, but will vary depending upon conditions.Apply patent leaf with a ball of cotton wool pressing from the backside to transfer paper. Burnishing can take place after complete covering with metal using an Agate Burnisher or the same ball of cotton.



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  1. Having only just come across this medium at the SSI Lay Members Day in April – I can say that all trials so far have been very successful in terms of gold adhesion. This certainly seems like a foolproof mordant and so is especially appropriate for anyone who’s not done any gilding before or who has not been as successful as they would have liked in the past. The ‘ink’ terminology is fair, as it runs freely through a pen, offering quite fine lines once the gold is applied. The ‘open’ time has flexibility as I have managed to get gold to stick perfectly well after 24 & 36 hours, even in warm, slightly humid weather.

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