Kolner Miniatum

Here are some notes and guidelines from the manufacturer of Kolner Miniatum:

Kolner Miniatum is a size for mirror gloss gilding on paper and flexible surfaces. It can provide a mirror like finish without burnishing with an agate burnisher. Genuine gold and silver leaf will achieve the highest degree of luster.

Kolner Miniatum is ideal size for gilding illuminated manuscripts. The elastic nature of the size assures a long lasting gilded surface. The turning of illuminated pages will not cause the leaf to delaminate. Because Kolner Miniatum contains Butylcarbitol, make sure there is sufficient ventilation while working with this product. The highest quality of acid free, heavy weight papers should be used as the base surface. Smooth surface papers are preferred to achieve a glass like finish. The Size can normally be applied directly to a smooth, dry, minimally absorbent substrate with a fine brush or a drawing pen. All porous surfaces should be tested for compatibility. e.g. coated papers may require sealing with a lacquer to prevent buckling. Kolner Miniatum will provide the best results when the size forms a slightly elevated bead on the surface.

The size must be thoroughly dry before applying the leaf and it will remain open for gilding for up to the next 20 hours. Due to the long open time, overnight drying is advisable to assure the highest degree of lustre. The minimal drying time is 3 to 5 hours depending on thickness of layer, temperature and humidity. Dutch metal needs a shorter drying time. Apply patent leaf and roll leaf simply laying the leaf on the surface and rubbing the paper backing with a burnisher or ball of cotton ball. After finishing gilding, press over the surface with a cotton ball to ensure uniform adhesion and then burnish with a fresh ball of cotton or burnisher.Loose leaf should be laid in the same manner, using the tissue paper from the books of gold to protect the leaf when rubbing with cotton. The gilder should prefer genuine leaf or roll gold. To prevent oxidation of composition leaf and silver apply a thin coat of acrylic lacquer, preferably water based. Clean brushes with soap and water.

Always test all materials and procedures before attempting to perform the work on the final object!


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  1. Can anyone direct me to or give me any information on medieval gilding techniques… how to make the gesso or where I can buy the gesso for gilded manuscripts. I know that, in its powdered form, it’s dangerous as it contains white lead powder. But it’s a technique I have always wanted to try.Many thanks

  2. I have a question regarding reactivating Miniatum after the 20 hours have passed. I think I read somewhere that Instacoll Activator will cause the Miniatum to be viable for laying gold. Does anyone know if this is true? Or, how can I reactivate if the activator is not the proper medium for this?Thank you for your response(s).

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