Problems writing on a surface?

Some papers ideally need treating before writing to give a sharper, crisper surface. Pounce gives a tooth to smooth paper helping produce crisper letters.Pounce is also used to remove the grease from the paper surface, preventing the ink from spreading. It can help prevent ink from spreading on unsized paper or over an erasure, as well as to prepare vellum to take writing ink.Pounce can be used for a paper that is too absorbent, on which the ink sinks into spreading and bleeding.Pounce is a finely ground powder prepared from gum Sandarac mixed with pumice or cuttlefish bone.To use, sprinkle a little Pounce over the surface and gently rub in with a soft cloth. Then, remove the excess with a soft brush. If there is a gritty feeling on the paper or the Pounce collects in the nib, you need to have another go at dusting the paper.

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