Rolling Ruler

The Rolling Ruler is a universal drawing tool for making parallel lines, circles and arcs.



Draw Horizontal Parallel Lines Hold the centre of the ruler and roll it up/down to draw the straight parallel lines.

Draw Vertical Parallel LinesPlace the pencil in any hole and roll the up or down to produce a vertical line. Parallel certical lines can be produced by placing the pencil in the other holes.

Draw Circle and Arcs Place the pencil in any hole to act as a pivot. Place another pencil in any hole and swing the ruler to produce an arc or circle. Circle of up to 60cm diametre can be drawn this way.

Draw Angles First draw a horizontal line. Then place the ruler against the line using the protractor guide to get any desired angle



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  1. Could you give us a word on how to use ‘French Curves’? Many thanks for considering this request. I see a great opportunity to use them when drawing my page borders and doing some ‘scroll work’,for instance, in Illustrationration and Heraldry.

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