Scribblers Calligraphy Ink Chart

I have just completed the Scribblers Calligraphy Ink Chart :)All colours are scans from actual draw-offs. Colours are reproduced as faithfully as the print process and monitor settings allow.We have already had a good response to this range of colours – so why not give them a try! Visit Scribblers shop

Calligraphy Ink Chart Scribblers Calligraphy Ink Chart

4 thoughts on “Scribblers Calligraphy Ink Chart

  1. Please list the quantity sold (in ml) for the Scribbler’s Calligraphy Ink on your website.

  2. Oops! Thanks for that. Scribblers Ink is sold in 30ml bottles. I will get the website updated shortly.

  3. Is Scribblers calligraphy Ink non-waterproof? Thanks

  4. Scribblers Calligraphy Ink is non-waterproof.

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