Scribblers Calligraphy Ink

Typically an ink is either suitable for Dip Pens OR Fountain Pens. This is because Fountain pen ink needs to be thinner to flow properly in the mechanism. Inks suitable for dip pens or nibs are usually too thick or sticky for a Fountain Pen and can therefore clog-up the mechanism and damage the pen.Our new ink – Scribblers Calligraphy Ink is suitable for Dip pen AND Fountain Pens. It’s thin enough for the pen, but gives a good coverage making it suitable for dip pens.It is available in 50 different colours. You can see a sample of the colour next to each ink. Please note colours are reproduced as faithfully as the print process and monitor settings allow.In the next few days I shall be posting a colour chart of the inks.Scribblers Calligraphy Ink

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