Scribblers Classic Oblique Pen Holder

In association with the Yoke Pen Company in the US, we are proud to offer the exclusive Scribblers Classic Oblique Pen Holder.

Our Classic Oblique Pen Holder is based upon the Zanerian Excelsior Pen Holder, which was the Zanerian College’s pen holder, especially made for the student. Later, many of the students became great penman and continued to use these pen holders throughout their lifetime.


Scribblers Classic Oblique Pen Holder
The Scribblers Classic Oblique Pen Holder is made from hand selected Premium Quarter Sawn Oak. Quarter sawn makes the Oak even stronger and resistant a well as giving it a decorative pattern.

The parts of the holders are made one by one, completely by hand.

These pen holders are hand turned, sanded and finished individually.

The nib cant angle is set at a precise angle on each pen to aid proper geometry of nib to paper angle. This angle was determined by extensive research and measuring many vintage golden era holders. The precise angle makes it suited for both Copperplate (Engrosser’s) Script and Spencerian Script. The nib flange is pinned and epoxied in place.

The holder is finally coated in a special material, which is sanded to a gloss finish.

Turning Process
The Turning Process
Completed Turning
Turning Completed
Applying Finish By Hand
Applying the Finish by Hand
Ready for flanges
Ready for the flanges to be fixed


Adjusting the Flange
The flange is made from solid nickel, hand-formed and adjusted for
the Leonardt Principal EF Nib. The flange can be adjusted for other size nibs.

The Yoke Pen Company
Christopher Yoke has been wood-turning for quite some time now. In June of 2012 he discovered his Great-Great Grandfather (referred to as J.W.) was a Master Penman and Teacher of Penmanship in Indianapolis, Indiana in the late 1800’s. He was a teacher of Spencerian, Copperplate Script and Flourishing. Christopher was lucky enough to discover a huge amount of his work, scrapbooks, holders, nibs, inks and other penman materials in a box tucked away in his grandparents home.

Finding his current penholder uncomfortable, Christopher decided he could make something much more comfortable for himself to help in his quest to letter and flourish like J.W. did. After studying the angles and geometry of J.W. vintage holders and many other vintage and antique holders in depth, Christopher produced a few pen holders and showed them to his friends and colleagues; many found they were not only beautiful, but much more comfortable. After many people expressed an interest in purchasing them, Yoke Pen Company was born.

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