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As discussed in the Ruling Up post, accuracy is important. But of course, ruling up accurately can also take a long time. If you only have a spare 30 minutes or so to do some practicing, you don’t want to spend most of that time ruling-up :(This is when our Guidline Generator can help 🙂Guideline GeneratorSimply select the distances between the lines and hit click the create button. Then once one page has been generated you can print it from within your browser. When printing your paper tell your browser to print just the first page (“Print Pages 1-1”). You can set the Copies to the number of sheets you require.

Visit the Guidline Generator

5 thoughts on “Scribblers Guideline Generator

  1. Already tested it for my roundhand. Works great. Thanks!

  2. It is a great tool!Could you add a function to add guide lines for slanted styles?

  3. Thank you for the guideline generator and my first news letter which I have found very interesting. I am very pleased with my purchase and hope to place another order with you soon.

  4. I have now spoken to the guy who wrote the software. My understanding of how it works is as follows; to produce horizontal lines the software calculates how far down the page it is from the previous line and then at the correct position draws another line by printing a series of touching dots.To produce a sloped line is much harder as the position of the dot used to construct the line is different each time. The method of constructing the sloped line would also make it very hard to produce a series of sloped lines across a page.

  5. The Guideline Generator works wonders! It would be useful though if it printed the mm settings which were used to generate the guidelines. After printing I always add the sizes of the lines with pencil, it’s very useful when these guideline sheets start to accumulate.

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