Start Calligraphy by Maureen Sullivan

This book is an ideal introduction to the traditional art of calligraphy.
Maureen Sullivan has produced a great handbook for helping you to develop and create your own original calligraphic style, and to enjoy the art of ‘beautiful writing’.The book begins with the historical background to calligraphy; the materials and equipment you need; and basic techniques, including ruling the paper, basic strokes, pen angles and basic letters.

Start Calligraphy

The six most common writing styles (‘hands’) are explained clearly through step-by-step photographs – uncial, foundation, gothic, italic, sharpened italic and copperplate. Every letter of every hand is drawn out in stroke order and there is advice on letter and word spacing, all shown in clear, step-by-step photographs.

Paperback, 210 x 148 mm ; 96 pages

Start Calligraphy by Maureen Sullivan

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