Starting Calligraphy – Penholders for Copperplate

The choice of penholder for Copperplate style of writing depends upon the nib you are using and whether you are left or right-handed.

The majority of calligraphers use a straight nib, for example the Leonardt Principal EF or a Gillott 303 nib.  If you are using a straight nib and are right-handed you want to use an Oblique Penholder. The reason for this is that an oblique penholder helps a right-handed person hold the pen at the correct angle for copperplate writing.

If you are left-handed then you want to use a straight penholder because you arm and hand are already at (or near) the correct angle.  Saying that, a minority of right-handed calligraphers prefer to use a straight penholder with a straight nib and have the paper at a steep angle to help them achieve the correct pen angle.

The Speedball Oblique penholder is suitable for most pointed nibs. Sometimes though, using a pair of pliers, it may be necessary to slightly flatten the part of the nib that fits in the penholder to get a better fit. Scribblers PenholdersOblique Penholder

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