Starting Calligraphy – penholders

Choosing a penholder is much easier than selecting nibs or ink (there will be some blogs on choosing inks later).

Penholders can be made from a range of materials; plastic, wood and metal.  Some penholders are all plastic, for example William Mitchell School Penholder and the Speedball Penholder, others are made from just wood – Brause 1616 Penholder.   The majority of penholders though are made from plastic/wood with a metal ‘gripper’ that holds the nib.  The most popular penholders are the William Mitchell Multi-Purpose penholder and the Standard Round penholder. Both of them will hold the vast majority of nibs. Another popular choice is the School penholder.

Some nibs have a tubular shaft and therefore require specific penholders. For example, the Hunt 102 nib needs the Speedball Crow Quill penholder. On our website we have identified the nibs that require a specific penholder. Also, if a penholder is only suitable for a particular nib we have said that in the description.  Scribblers Penholders

William Mitchell Multi-Purpose Penholder Brause 1616 Penholder
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