Starting Calligraphy – penholders

Choosing a pen holder is much easier than selecting nibs or ink (there will be some blogs on choosing inks later).

Pen holders can be made from a range of materials; plastic, wood and metal.  Some pen holders are all plastic, for example William Mitchell School Pen holder and the Speedball Pen holder, others are made from just wood – Brause 1616 Pen holder.   The majority of pen holders though are made from plastic/wood with a metal ‘gripper’ that holds the nib.  The most popular pen holders are the William Mitchell Multi-Purpose pen holder and the Standard Round pen holder. Both of them will hold the vast majority of nibs. Another popular choice is the School penholder.

Some nibs have a tubular shaft and therefore require specific pen holders. For example, the Hunt 102 nib needs the Speedball Crow Quill pen holder. On our website we have identified the nibs that require a specific pen holder. Also, if a pen holder is only suitable for a particular nib we have said that in the description.

William Mitchell Multi-Purpose Penholder Brause 1616 Penholder

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