The Edward Johnston Foundation

Edward Johnston (1872-1944) by his teaching and practice almost single-handedly revived the art of formal penmanship which had lain moribund for four centuries. His major work Writing and Illuminating, and Lettering, first published in 1906 and in print continuously ever since, created a new interest in calligraphy and a new school of excellent scribes. The life he breathed into this ancient craft and its continuing tradition even in today’s hi-tech world can be ascribed to his re-discovery of the influence of tools, materials and methods.”Nobody had such a lasting effect on the revival of contemporary writing as Edward Johnston. He paved the way for all lettering artists of the twentieth century and ultimately they owe their success to him” Hermann Zapf.  The Edward Johnston Foundation is a registered arts charity dedicated to the promotion of a public awareness of calligraphy, not only as an art form in its own right but also as the seed and reference point for many other lettering applications including modern typeface design. These aims are backed with four objectives:1) to establish an archive and library which will support teaching and research and provide accessible data for use by all2) to build a collection of contemporary work which is international in scope3) to develop a full educational programme in calligraphy and allied subjects4) to initiate research into the use of new electronic media The Foundation is based in Ditchling, Sussex, the birthplace of the twentieth-century calligraphic renaissance in Britain. The collection of contemporary work comprises some 10,000 individual items with an acquisitions policy for rapid expansion to represent many related disciplines. The library currently stands at over 1000 volumes.

The Edward Johnston FoundationEdward Johnston Foundation

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