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Brush Pen Calligraphy Tutorial

Brush Pen Lettering Tutorials

In previous Brush Pen Lettering posts, we explained how to write with a Brush Pen.

By mastering the five basic brush strokes you are able to learn how to write with a Brush Pen much quicker.  To help you, Lindsey Bugbee from TPK kindly shared her Brush Pen Drill Sheet and Brush Pen Worksheet.

Over at TPK, Lindsey has lots of Brush Pen projects, and here is a selection of them.

Magnetic Dots Brush Pen Lettering

This brush pen lettering technique relies on drawing tiny dots around a word to make it stand out!

Click here for full instructions.

Brush Pen Lettering magnetic dots

Safari Brush Pen Lettering

The colour and the spots on this brush pen lettering reminds you of a Safari!

Click here for full instructions.

TPK Brush Lettering thankyou final

“Juicy” Brush Pen Calligraphy Tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use a few common art supplies to make “juicy” lettering!

This is a quick overview, visit TPK for full instructions.

  • Mark up some guidelines and pencil the lettering in.TPK Juicy Lettering Envelope 1
  • Trace over the letters with a Brush Pen or a broad-tipped marker For most impact, use two tones.

TPK Juicy Brush Lettering Envelope 2

  • Use a fine-tipped paintbrush and clean water to write over the lettering such that the two colours blend together.
  • Once the water has dried, trace around the letters with a black pen or fine liner.
  • Add shadows with a pencil and highlights with the white Gel Pen.
TPK Juicy Brush Lettering Envelope Final
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