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Studying Copperplate Minuscule Letters

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (part 3)

So far, all the Copperplate minuscules we have studied were based on a combination of the 8 basic strokes although in most cases these strokes had to be modified.

There are only seven letters left to study, but these are different and the basic strokes are not used much.

Letter: f

The letter f starts with a lead-in stroke.  This is followed an ascender loop, which continues below the write-line.  From the write-line, the letter is completed by an odd shape!

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (part 3) 1

Letter: p

The letter p also starts with a lead-in stroke.  This followed by a full pressure stroke, which starts just above the x-height line and finishes below the write-line.  Finally a modified a pressure and release combination stroke is made.

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (part 3) 2

Letter: q

Letter q starts with the o form shape.  This is followed by ‘reverse’ descender-loop where the loop goes round to the right and touches the write-line before it turns into a lead-in stroke. The image also shows this stroke without any pressure applied so you can see the shape better.

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (part 3) 3

Letter: r

This letter is fairly straight forward.  First write a modified pressure and release n stroke, then a filled-dot.  Notice how you will need to start with a hairline before creating the dot.

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (part 3) 4

Letter: s

Although the letter s looks straight forward it is hard to master.  Start with a lead-in stroke.  This is then followed with a hook kind of shape, which finishes with a dot.

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (part 3) 5

Letter: x and z

The letter x starts with a mirrored letter c that has no pressure applied but does finish with a dot.  The second stroke is basically a letter c.

Finally we are left with the letter z, which as you can see does not really fit in with any of the shapes that have been described.  Although the image shows it as two strokes (to show the distinct shapes) it is fact written in one continuous pen stroke.

Copperplate Minuscule Letters (part 3) 6


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