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  • Starting Calligraphy – Penholders
    November 13, 2003

    Starting Calligraphy – Penholders

    Choosing a pen holder is much easier than selecting nibs or ink (there will be some blogs on choosing inks later). Pen holders can be made from a range of materials; plastic, wood and metal.  Some pen holders are all...

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  • Starting Calligraphy – Inks
    November 1, 2002

    Starting Calligraphy – Inks

    There are many inks available for calligraphy, but not all of them are ideal for lettering.  Many inks do produce a very dense black, which is what most calligraphers want, but some inks are watery whilst others are too sticky. ...

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  • Starting Calligraphy – Paper
    November 30, 2001

    Starting Calligraphy – Paper

    Most art shops stock a bewildering range of papers. With such a wide choice, which do you use for calligraphy? The choice of papers for calligraphers is not as great as it may first seem. This is because calligraphers require...

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