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Rousy Iron Gall Ink (30ml)

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We have been making Iron Gall Ink for 10 years. And all our knowledge and experience has gone in to developing this new iron gall ink.

We sent various versions of the ink to professional calligraphers to ascertain the perfect formula.

Rousy Iron Gall Ink uses the minimal number of ingredients to achieve a high-performance traditional Iron Gall Ink.

When using Rousy Iron Gall Ink you will notice the lines are a pale-greyish colour. But as the ink dries the magic happens!

After a few minutes of exposure to the air, this soluble ink undergoes oxidisation and is converted to an insoluble dark black.  Within 20 minutes the lines will be looking black. And over a period of several hours the ink will get darker and darker. It can take up to 24 hours for the ink to finish blackening. This ink has perfect liquid viscosity and can produce very fine lines making it suitable for all styles of calligraphy.