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6. Lollipop Ruling Pen (Lighter Coloured Handle)

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The Lollipop pen has a slightly straighter edge, allowing for more contact with the paper, creating a bold stroke, working better for bigger sizes. It can be used for cursive and expressive hands, and for more traditional styles. When handled in alternative ways, it results in generating high contrast strokes (thick and thins), ink splatters and unintended skipping, depending on the position in which the pen is being held, the speed of writing and the amount of nib opening. Different stroke thicknesses are possible, according to the angle where the pen is held in relation to the paper.

The edges are smooth and rounded, allowing greater fluidity under the paper, even in up strokes. When desired, irregular spatter and traces can be obtained, allowing for greater expressiveness even in more traditional writing styles.

The Dreaming Dogs ruling pens are crafted in stainless steel, giving them excellent strength and durability. They do not rust and are easy to clean.

The ruling pens are made through a semi industrial process. The stainless-steel tips are manufactured industrially to achieve maximum quality.  The wooden pen handles are handmade.  The wood used for the handles may vary in colour and texture, since the raw material comes from the surplus of high quality woods from the furniture industry. Layers of varnish are applied to the handle waterproofing it and making the pen more durable and easier to clean.

The assembly of each pen is entirely manual, with the refinement and finishing made to get the perfect fit. The attention to detail, careful assembly, polishing and individual testing provides superior results and a tool with excellent quality.

The nib opening adjustment is made by a screw and a knurled nut, allowing control of the flow of ink on the paper, which makes it possible to use different kinds of inks, more viscous or more liquid, achieving several results with the same tool.