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F.W. Tamblyn's Home Instructor in Penmanship

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"A complete and concise instructor in penmanship for teachers and pupils everywhere who desire to acquire a good handwriting."

To the Student

Methods of practice, breathing, body position, movements.

Standard Alphabet.

Business Writing

Process of muscular development.

Letter forms and practice, sentence practice, business writing transparency form.

Artistic Writing (Spencerian)

Movement, Letter forms and practice, signature writing, Variations of letter forms, sentence practice.

Engravers Script

Letter forms, sample.

Lettering and Engrossing

Illustrating pencil outlining, Medieval lettering, Engrossers’ text.

Other lettering style samples including Fine Pen Roman, Gothic, Old English.

Flourishing Techniques

Basic Bird strokes, position and flourishing samples.

Spiral bound. 7th edition 2001. 174pp. 8.5" x 5.25”.

Originally published in 1938.