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Modern Calligraphy Short Course

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This short course is aimed at beginners who wish to learn Modern Calligraphy but have no previous experience of this style of lettering.

Introduction - Learn why Modern Calligraphy has become so popular over the last few years.

Tools and Materials - The best tools and materials for Modern Calligraphy are explained in detail.

Modern Calligraphy Minuscules - Learn how a few basic pen-strokes can be combined to produce all the lowercase alphabet.

Words and Sentences - Learn the 3 rules for connecting your letters to make words and sentences.

Modern Calligraphy Capitals - Learn how to write graceful and decorative capital letters.

Modern Calligraphy Guideline Sheets - Two printable guideline sheets are included to save you time.

Digital - This is a 26 page PDF file available for immediate download and use.

Unfortunately, this product is not for sale in the EU.