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Selection of 5 Vintage Pointed Nibs

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This selection of vintage nibs is perfect for all pointed nib lettering styles. Nib tin included.

Perry & Co. 1001 Fine Nib - Smooth, medium flexibility.  Similar to the Vintage John Heath Shoulder Nib and slightly larger than the modern Leonardt 256 Nib.

Perry & Co. 36 EF Nib - Smooth, very flexible and responsive - a wonderful nib.

Gillott 1133 Natal Nib - Similar to the Perry 1001, but slightly more flexible. Larger and less flexible than the modern Brause Rose Nib.

Gillott 170 Warranted Nib - Small, snappy, and a very flexible nib. Ideal for small lettering.

Gillott 290 Lithographic Nib - Small, delicate and requires a light touch. Produces very fine hair lines and ideal for small lettering (2mm).