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The 'One Dip Wonder'

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The 'One Dip Wonder' really is a game changer. Having to dip your pen in ink half-way through writing can ruin your flow, cause an inky mess and take up your precious calligraphy time.  

After months of trial and error I've found the perfect answer to this problem!

 The 'One Dip Wonder' combines the perfect size spring with a tiny but powerful neodymium magnet creating a reservoir of ink for your calligraphy pen

All you have to do is pop it onto the back of the nib (underneath the breather hole) and you're ready to go!


The One Dip Wonder works with larger straight nibs like Nikko G, Leonardt EF Principal, Hunt 101s, but not Brause 66EF nib.

Please be sure to clean and dry your spring and magnet after each use to prolong their life.

The One Dip Wonder will not work with certain colours in the Finetec metallic ink palettes.