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The X-Height Set

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The X-Height Set combines the X-Height Calculator and X-Height Measuring Discs.

The X-Height Calculator

Designed for use with the William Mitchell Round Hand Dip pens, the X-Height Calculator is a simple, easy to use calligraphy aid. Simply select the nib size and number of nib widths and the X-Height Calculator will show the correct text height (x-height) in millimetres or inches. Alternatively it can be used to identify different nib size and nib width combinations that will produce the desired x-height. This method of operation can also give an indication of the weight of the letter.

The X-Height Measuring Discs

Designed for use with the William Mitchell Round Hand Dip pens. Select the disc for the appropriate nib size, and choose the edge of the disc that corresponds to the required number of nib widths. Use the ticks as a guide to mark the paper at the correct x-height distance. The marks are now joined and your paper is ruled up at the correct x-height. Because there is no need to measure awkward combinations with a ruler, The X-Height Measuring Discs provide an accurate and faster method of ruling up your paper.